5 Of Our Favorite SNL Sketches (Saturday Night Live Clips)

I’m sure most of us are fond and frequent followers of Saturday Night Live, are quite excited for the latest sketches to air and often turn to it for comic relief! And because certain sketches are just too good not to share, please enjoy our compiled list below of our favorite SNL sketches …

Our First Favorite

Our first favorite, is the ever hilarious ‘Short Shorts for the USA’. Besides for the obvious entertaining comedy, the supporting actors do such a great job in acting ‘offended’ at their colleague’s short shorts! Seth Meyers in particular does a great job! Anyone else feeling patriotic?

Our Second Favorite

Our second favorite, is the lively sketch with Seth Meyers together with Liam Neeson and Amy Poehler who enacts a very talented Irish ‘Home Makeover’ show …

Our Third Favorite

Our third favorite, is the oh so talented Mr. Alec Baldwin impersonating the American President. Need we say more?

Our Fourth Favorite

Our fourth favorite, again we have the hysterical Will Ferrell. Anyone else agree that it’s a good thing that we can’t hear each other’s thoughts?

Our Fifth Favorite

Our fifth favorite, is the side-splitting, ‘Joys of Marriage’ sketch featuring Well Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon and Vince Vaughn. Marriage advice anyone?

Let us know in the comments which SNL sketch is your favorite, and as always, follow us on social media and share your thoughts by using hashtag #IHeartHumor, we’d love to hear from you!

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